The Night Of Maya Read excerpt

A virgin’s desire.

No man has ever touched Maya Crestmene, and she will accept no other than the man who has haunted her dreams for twelve years. Except, Maya’s dream lover is no man.

A vampire’s curse.

Five hundred years ago, Kiru became a vampire charged by the queen Alustra to find the virgin of prophecy. In the throws of another dream, Maya’s passionate cries urge Kiru to her bedroom. Eager to become the one to make Maya’s dreams come true, Kiru disobeys Alustra and conceals Maya.

Every dream requires a sacrifice.

Although they must flee, Kiru’s love-making and blood power promise years of togetherness if only Maya would run with him. Somewhere between Rome, Nepal, and Japan, Maya must unlock the meaning of the prophecy that gives her a choice; to challenge Alustra or lose Kiru forever.


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One Response to “The Night Of Maya”

  1. Vesna says:

    I atcaully found this more entertaining than James Joyce.