Bloodline: The Legacy

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Blood reveals its mysteries to those who dare… For Katarina Plavić, blood marks the beginning of a nightmare. She has to get him out of her mind. He isn’t real. She hasn’t accidentally released him from a grave half way around the world. He hasn’t bitten her neck and said he’d follow her everywhere until she gave him the Roman coins. Now that he is free again, Darius Palladio will not allow a silly, hopeless woman to steal the only thing that’s kept him sane. He’ll invade her body, mind, and blood. Read more

Strangers on a Train

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To fulfill her ultimate fantasy, Charlotte wants to have the best sex of her life with a gorgeous stranger on a train. When the hypnotizing stare of a blue-eyed mystery man in the dining car promises to make her dream come true, Charlotte is ready to take him on with no questions asked. To seal the deal, she promises to give him whatever he wants, however he wants it, as much as he can take for the duration of the trip. Read more


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After ten years of giving Erani the protection of his name in marriage, Farhad must finally fulfill his promise and set her free. It is time for her to make her own decisions and take her rightful place in the world. Although he has always kept a respectful distance, Erani has fallen in love with Farhad years ago. She has decided that Farhad will be the one to take her virginity, and she refuses to grant him a divorce until he gives her a real wedding night.

Convincing Silvia

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Silvia knows Andy is just using her for sex. Why else would a young, gorgeous landscape architect bother with a widowed nurse? Whatever Andy’s reasons, she’ll enjoy his body and expect nothing else.

The more heated things get, the more permanent Andy wants them to become, but Silvia is certain her age makes their future impossible. There is only one way to convince her otherwise. If sex is all she’ll accept, Andy will gladly use her body to get to her heart

The Night Of Maya

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A virgin’s desire.

No man has ever touched Maya Crestmene, and she will accept no other than the man who has haunted her dreams for twelve years. Except, Maya’s dream lover is no man.

A vampire’s curse.

Five hundred years ago, Kiru became a vampire charged by the queen Alustra to find the virgin of prophecy. In the throws of another dream, Maya’s passionate cries urge Kiru to her bedroom. Eager to become the one to make Maya’s dreams come true, Kiru disobeys Alustra and conceals Maya.

Every dream requires a sacrifice.

Although they must flee, Kiru’s love-making and blood power promise years of togetherness if only Maya would run with him. Somewhere between Rome, Nepal, and Japan, Maya must unlock the meaning of the prophecy that gives her a choice; to challenge Alustra or lose Kiru forever.

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Earthly Possession

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To avoid an arranged marriage on planet Dattar, where female vampires are the dominant sex, Kheyra Baal escapes to Earth. Just once in her life, she wants to experience real passion, with a real alpha. She has five days before the Dattaran posse tracks her down, and she is determined to couple with a mortal man. Instead, she trespasses on the hunting ground of Deacon Quincy, another vampire. Read more